Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28 September 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Shagun and Raman join hands to malign Nikhil’s image in front of Ruhi


Ananya gets upset to realize that Kshitija’s return gift is broken. Simmi gets angry and accuses Kiran of intentionally giving a broken gift to her daughter. Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and Raman (Karan Patel) ask her to calm down and say that they will buy a new video game for her. Simmi asks Raman why is he taking Iyers’ side. Mihika asks Simmi why is she talking like this. Ishita promises Simmi that she will buy a new gift for Ananya. Simmi throws the gift on the floor and tells Ishita that she doesn’t want any favours from her. Santoshi enters the Bhalla house and gets shocked to see them fighting. Simmi runs towards her and starts complaining. But, Ishita scolds her instead for misbehaving with Ishita and Raman. Simmi leaves.

Param calls Simmi. She tells him that even her mother is not ready to take her side. Param tells her that Raman owns the house and Santoshi will obviously have to support them. Santoshi confronts Raman and Aadi. They refuse to give any explanations to her and leave. Ruhi gets happy to see Santoshi and tells her that it’s her first day at her new office and hence asks her to bless her. Santoshi blesses her. Santoshi asks Ishita why didn’t she wish her luck. Ishita tells her that she is stuck between Raman and Ruhi. She tells her that she cannot afford to take Ruhi’s side this time. Santoshi asks her not to worry.

Riya comes to Bhalla house to meet Kshitija and bumps into Ruhi. She tells her that she had gone on a vacation to USA with her mother, Pooja. Ruhi gets happy to know that and asks her to go inside. Riya’s nanny tells Ruhi that Pooja is planning to send Riya to a boarding school in USA as she doesn’t want her to meet her father, Nikhil. Ruhi gets shocked to know all this and decides to take Ishita’s help. Raman overhears their conversation and asks her where is going. Ruhi tells him everything and requests him to let her meet Nikhil. He agrees and tells her that he will also come along. Raman goes up and tells his family that he is going to Nikhil’s house. Ishita gets extremely happy.

Raman calls someone and tells him that he is leaving. Ishita calls Shagun and happily tells her that Raman is going to meet Nikhil. Shagun tells her that Ruhi would never want to see Nikhil’s face now. Ishita asks her if they have planned something. Ruhi enters Nikhil’s apartment and gets shocked to see him with another girl. He tries to tell her that he doesn’t even know this girl and she was just forcing herself on him. Ruhi slaps him and says she regrets falling in love with him. He tries to explain himself but Ruhi refuses to listen anything and leaves. Nikhil asks the girl who is she and with what motive did she enter his house. He throws her out.

Ishita goes to Shagun’s house and asks her if she and Raman are plotting against Nikhil. Shagun tells her that she is unnecessarily overthinking and tells her that there is nothing like that. Ishita gets relieved and leaves. Shagun feels guilty for lying to her. She receives a meesage from Raman. ALSO READ: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27 September 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Ishita officially bids good bye to Ruhi while Param vows to destroy Bhallas

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