Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28 September 2017 full episode written update: Ruhi finds Nikhil getting intimate with another woman


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Published:September 29, 2017 12:43 am

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28 September full episode written update: Simmi tell Raman that he is never happy with his wife but still always supports her family.

Kiran gives gifts to Pihu and Ananya. At home, Pihu opens her gift and gets excited to see the new video game. When Ananya opens the gift, the game is broken inside and Ananya says how is it that her game is broken while Pihu’s gift is good. Ishita says they were messing around but she’ll get her a new game. Simmi asks Ishita to stop her drama and remarks that Kiran knowingly gave Ananya a broken game. Ishita says this is not right and that she got the gifts. Raman asks Simmi to not make a big issue out of it. He tells her that he’ll get Ananya a new gift. Simmi says he is never happy with his wife but still always supports her family. Raman asks her to keep him out of it and walks out. Ishita asks Simmi to calm down but Simmi grabs Ananya’s hand and asks her to stop her drama and throws the game away, which happens to fall at Santoshi’s feet. Simmi says to her that it’s good that she came back as she would at least understand her. Santoshi instead asks her if this is the way to talk to her brother and sister in law and why is she throwing thingss. Simm calls Param to tell him the drama and curses Santoshi and Ishita.

Santoshi asks Ishita what happened. Ishita apologises to Santoshi as she had to see all this immediately after returning. Ishita says Mr Bhalla will tell her the whole thing about Ruhi and Nikhil. Santoshi asks Raman is this the way to treat his daughter and he says she always finds her daughter in law correct. He adds that he won’t explain himself further and would do as he may feel right.

Next Ruhi comes to Santoshi and asks her for blessings as it is her first day in the new office. When Ruhi leaves Santoshi says to Ishita that all is going to be good.

Riya’s new nanny tells Ruhi that Pooja went to USA for Riya’s admission in boarding school as Nikhil has filed a custody case for her. Ruhi panics and says she needs to tell Nikhil when Raman comes there. Ruhi tells him that she needs to meet Nikhil or else he won’t be able to meet Riya ever. Raman says he’ll take Ruhi there. Raman add that he is also a dad and knows the pain.

Raman goes upstairs to take his phone and tells Ishita and Santoshi that he is going to Nikhil’s house with Ruhi. Raman calls someone to tell that they are leaving. Ishita gets happy and suspicious too. Ishita calls Shagun to tell her that Raman is no more upset with Ruhi and tells her that they have gone to Nikhil’s house. Shagun says this is probably the last time Ruhi has gone there and Ishita asks what she means but Shagun just changes the topic.

Raman and Ruhi reach Nikhil’s house and Raman finds the door open. They get in and find Nikhil getting intimate with a woman. Ruhi slaps him and says she was a fool to trust him while Nikhil says he doesn’t know this girl. Raman asks him to stay away from Ruhi and Ruhi says she is waiting in the car.

Ishita goes to Shagun’s house and asks her if she and Raman are planning anything but Shagun succeeds in misguiding her.

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