Udaan 28th September 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Suraj gets clues of Imli’s secret while Rannvijay stops Chakor from going to Suraj


Udaan starts with Chakor(Meera Deosthale) trying to help Eklavya and Rannvijay’s younger sister from getting caught. Suraj(Vijayendra Kumeria) reaches the basti following Imli(Vidhi Pandya) who enters a house with a bag. Suraj meets Paakhi and is very happy. He shares his doubts with Paakhi who asks him to ask someone. Surahj gets an idea by this. Chakor helps Preeti get Eklavya run away from the house without getting noticed by Rannvijay. Preeti later tells Chakor that Rannvijay was not this person when their father was alive. Chakor tells her that they are too scared of Rannvijay making themselves into banduas and she explains the meaning of bandua to Preeti. Suraj talks to the helps at the haveli and he comes to know that Imli had once lied about Vivaan going out as Vivaan was inside the haveli that day. Suraj gets confused as he thinks how Vivaan could meet with the accident if he never stepped out. Chakor tries to convince Preeti to tell Rannvijay everything as he might be strict yet he will understand Preeti’s love. Rannvijay walks in at the moment and asks about what they are talking. Preeti stops Chakor from telling Rannvijay anything and lies to Rannvijay that they just wanted to go for a movie. Rannvijay allows them and asks them to take the security. Chakor later hugs Suraj’s picture. Suraj asks Imli about how Vivaan can meet with the accident if he never stepped out. Imli gets tensed and says that it is not true. Suraj also says that till the accident nobody saw Vivaan in the house. (Also Read: Suraj doubts Imli now and keeps an eye on her)

Imli panics and tries to convince Suraj asking him not to listen to Ranjana and be with her in their distress together as both of them have lost their loves. Imli walks away and Suraj sees her phone plugged into the charger and decides to check. Chakor remembers Suraj and wishes she was with him at this moment. Suraj sees an unknown number and calls on the same. Chakor takes the call and calls out to Imli. Suraj is overwhelmed to hear Chakor’s voice and so is Chakor. Chakor calls out to Suraj too. Chakor hears the music in the house again and goes to find Rannvijay, she shouts to him and he comes out of the room as Kamal Narayan’s photo is visible through the opening. Rannvijay gets angry asking her why she called out and Chakor tells him that Suraj will not kill her and she wants to go to Azadhganj. Rannvijay does not allow and tries to convince her to stay away from Suraj. Suraj shares his grief with Paakhi and also regrets not taking her number from Imli’s phone. Suraj is confused why Imli is lying and decides to find out. Imli gets Suraj alcohol and asks him to take it, Suraj now has his doubts confirmed and asks her why she wants him to be intoxicated, and what she is hiding. Imli says that she is just worried for him as a friend.

Precap: Suraj gets disturbed when a pregnant women blesses him saying he would be a good father.







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