Sweet temptations


Jasmine Singh

The thing about life is that each one of us is given ingredients to add taste to it, salty, spicy, sugary, bland, however you like it. And the same goes for homemade chocolates as well, you can create what you want, more cocoa, less, dark, more nuts, again however you want it to taste like. 

For those of you, who would rather let someone else make the sweet nothings for you, and savour it at ease without messing your hands, Tricity has ample options in the homemade chocolate category. 

No compounds please 

Balpreet Singh Sehgal, a young entrepreneur from Manimajra, decided to make homemade chocolates in 2009 by the name of  Kreative Chocolates, following what others were doing- making compound chocolates, which were economical. After a while he realised that none in this segment were trying cocoa butter ones. “So, now we know we specialise in cocoa butter and cocoa powder chocolates under the brand name Mammoth Premium Chocolates.”

 Chocolate is for every occasion, and Balpreet also realised there was tough competition in this market. But now he believes he is handling it well. This year, the brand launched more varieties, 45 per cent sugar free, 55 per cent dark pop candy and 70 per cent dark with banana flavour. Flavour-coated almonds and sugar-coated almonds are interesting varieties he offers. 

“Packaging is another aspect we are very particular about, since I get many wedding orders, we make sure whatever we are offering in chocolates creates memory of taste,” he adds.

Go organic 

If you like food to be organic (read meals), well, it would be nicer if you end your meals on an organic sweet note. Saba from The Bouquet Garni, Sector-8, might help you with this. What started as a hobby for this woman, which of course still is a hobby, Saba realises the constraints of making organic chocolates, nevertheless she’d make one when she has to. 

“It is difficult to make homemade organic chocolates in large quantity because of the constraints in procuring raw materials,” she adds. However, on occasions when friends and family members insist, she makes the liquor or lavender flavoured chocolates. Natural ingredients are the USP here, orange, sea salt, lavender.

It’s delicious 

Chances are you might want to hit the dessert table right away if you have D-liciouS chocolates made by Devina Soni from Sector-8 Chandigarh. Well, this is what she specialises in, chocolate truffles, almond chocolate rocks, cupcakes, lollipops and normal chocolates. In different shapes and sizes “I wanted to try out chocolates in coconut oil and cocoa butter; I might be trying these ingredients very soon.”   

Sweet secrets

Anaanya Dagar’s Baking Diaries in Panchkula, Sector-4 can be a delight for those who are choosy. “You get it completely customised, right from the base, which could be milk, dark or white, to the toppings, cashews, walnuts, with alcohol or without alcohol. A choice of Oreo, snickers, hazzlenuts, kit kat, peanut butter, Gems…whatever you want. “I am also coming up with pre-workout chocolates which will be a healthy option in the chocolate category,” says she. 


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