Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 28 September 2017 full episode written update: Balwinder and Krishan Lal molest Saumya


Written by Mehak Arora | New Delhi |
Published:September 29, 2017 12:51 am

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 28 September 2017 full episode written update: Saumya reaches Harman’s house and Chachi starts humiliating her.

Preeto tells Varun to ruin Maninder’s plan and get his property. Varun thinks that he’ll ruin both Maninder and Preeto.

Saumya reaches Harman’s house and Chachi starts humiliating her for coming there daily and getting paid without having to do any work. Chintoo calls Saumya near Mata Rani’s portrait and gives her the prasad and insists her to have it. Harman thinks he is over acting and this might make Saumya doubt it but Saumya takes the prasad. She says to herself that she knows what they are up to but this is prasad so she can’t say no to it and eats it.

Saumya is returning home at night when Balwinder sees her while he was drinking with his father. He tell his father that he wants to take revenge on Saumya and Krishan Lal says they should do it now. He says they’ll do it in such a manner that Saumya will suffer and the blame will be on Preeto. They both cover their face with handkerchiefs and start molesting her. Saumya manages to get out of their grip. She calls Malika and tells her that two men are molesting her when Balwinder snatches her phone. Saumya sees a “Mata ki pheri” passing by and runs towards the group but Balwinder grabs her and takes her to a corner. Malika and other eunuchs come to Saumya’s rescue. Balwinder and Krishan Lal run away with the fear of being caught. Malika asks the eunuchs to take Saumya home and she’ll come later.

Raavi calls Balwinder but he doesn’t answer and she gets stressed thinking if he has had something when Chachi asks her to have something as she hasn’t eaten anything. Preeto asks her to keep an eye over her husband but Raavi says service people often get late from work as he doesn’t have a father who owns a factory. Preeto says this is his own fate when she gets a call from Malika who asks her to come out as she wants to talk to her.

Balwinder comes home. He talks sweetly to Raavi and says he is tired and asks her to get him food.

Preeto tells Malika that before saying anything she should know that she isn’t afraid of even her father so she mustn’t threaten her. Malika says she doesn’t believe in threatening and says that if next time she tried harming Saumya she’ll come to her house in the daylight along with people and would question her. She tells her that the men she sent to Saumya tried killing her and leaves. Preeto wonders who else is interested in getting rid of Saumya.

Chachu gives a glass of milk to Harman and asks him to think of his father as he loves him a lot and is getting aged too and asks him to have the milk for his sake. Harman drops the glass.

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