Shakti-Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 13th September 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Harman asks Saumya to leave him, Balwinder makes use of Harman’s absence to get close to Saumya


Shakti-Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki starts with Harman (Vivian DSena) asking Saumya(Rubina Dilaik) to come down and meet his friends and warns her that she has to listen to him as she is his slave. Saumya dresses up as a kinner gaudily and walks down shocking Harman. Shanno adds fire to it by saying she loves to dress this way. Preeto is pleased that her plan is working. The friends asks her to make them something and she asks Harman if she is his slave that she shoudl listen to him and his orders. The friends sense something wrong and decide to leave them alone as they promise to meet them next time. Harman is upset and he asks Saumya why she insulted him. Saumya says that he himself called it on himself. Harman asks her to pay him and leave as soon as possible. Preeto is pleased by Saumya play and tells her that she is impressed. The kinners are instigated by Raveena and Kareena of going to Saumya’s house and getting her here so they can get their house back. Mallika warns them and orders them against going to Saumya’s house ever and also she resigns from the post of Guruma. The kinners leave and Mallika is left alone.(Also Read: Preeto plans to separate the kinners, Saumya is hurt to see Harman disturbed)

Varun reaches the haveli as Harak expresses his displeasure over seeing him. Varun asks them if they are angry with him but they refuse. Later as the family prepares to sleep Balwinder finds out that Harman will remain out of the house the night. Balwinder reconfirms the same with raavi and decides to get close to Saumya that night itself. At midnight he reaches Saumya’s room and misbehaves with her. He tells her that Harman is done with her and that he is ready to give her what Harman will not. Saumya screams for help and the family comes down as they are shocked to find Balwinder there.

Precap: Varun tells Harman about Balwinder misdeed.

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