Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt: These actors’ black-and-white pictures make us wish films were never made in technicolor


We live in a make-believe world, where things aren’t what they seem. Photoshop has ensured that every picture is treated, and the subject made to appear flawless. Hence, we were in for a pleasant surprise when we stumbled upon Avinash Gowariker’s Instagram profile, that is full of behind-the-scenes pictures of celebs, clicked inbetween photoshoots or post wrap. While going technicolor was sure a breakthrough for the world of cinema, one look at these black-and-white pictures will make you pine for the good ol’ days of grayscale films. There’s something about the monotone. It strips the actor bare, giving them no space to be pretentious. Somehow, getting rid of colours seems to work wonders for an actor and brings out the best in them.

Don’t believe us? Check out these pictures and tell us if it doesn’t make your day better…

First off, take a look at the perfection that is Aamir Khan!

Alia Bhatt’s effervescence is infectious and even in this black-and-white picture, it is even more pronounced.


Here’s Amitabh Bachchan being Amitabh Bachchan – at his animated best. Honestly, the legend can emote with every facial muscle, we feel! Obviously, one picture of him would be far too less, so here’s two!

amitabh-bachan amitabh-bachan1

Bollywood’s Ishaqzaada, Arjun Kapoor, sure is a quirky fellow. This picture is proof!


Otherwise known for her keen fashion sense, Athiya Shetty is slaying it in this picture with her deadly stare.


The Deol brothers should sure frame this picture and put it up in their living room if they haven’t already.


Isn’t Deepika Padukone a vision in this retro-themed shoot. Her sculpted features are further highlighted in black-and-white.


With a smile like that, we are sure wars can be won. Madhuri Dixit looks like a painting in this beautiful click!


Malaika Arora is hotness personified and this picture does justice to her sizzling presence.


Bold, brazen and yet beautiful…that’s what we think of when we see Nargis Fakhri in black-and-white.


When you have the best of both worlds, won’t you be in love with life too. Priyanka Chopra looks absolutely taken with herself as she stares at the mirror in this beautiful click.


If eyes could kill, Rani Mukerji would have us dead by now with this mesmerising shot.


How do you look when you are poised to change the game? Ranveer Singh shows you…


Riteish Deshmukh, in this candid click, seems to ask, ‘What you lookin’ at?’ So endearing!


This amazing click of Salman Khan, looking away from the camera, staring intensely is making us curious as to what is it that Bollywood’s Bhaijaan finds so interesting and intriguing.


Sanjay Dutt’s edgy look is further intensified by the use of grayscale. No wonder this is how our beloved Munnabhai wants to be seen.


Charm doesn’t need colours and Sonakshi Sinha seems hellbent on proving this, don’t you feel?


This man is why we still believe in romance. If Shah Rukh Khan can romance the cameras so well, is it any wonder that he makes the women weak in the knees? One of him can never be enough. Treat yourself to this double dose of the wonder that is SRK.


Tiger Zinda Hai! Tiger Shroff’s picture, with lights twinkling all around him, is the stuff of fantasies!


She’s broken the rules of how a Bollywood heroine should conduct her career, and hence it is only fair that Taapsee Pannu’s picture defies stereotypes too.


When you have not had even one flop in your career, you will obviously stare at the lens with the same confidence as Varun Dhawan does!


So, did we pull you back from the pits of that dreadful thing that is mid-week blues with these amazing black-and-white pictures?

(Pictures credit: Avinash Gowariker)

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