On a rebellious note


As a prelude to the Chandigarh Literature Festival (CLF) 2017 which starts from November 10, Adab Foundation, which organises CLF every year, recently held a unique solo performance  by Askari Naqvi, a lawyer-activist-singer from Mustafabad, Raibareli. Naqvi is a proponent of Soz Khwani—songs of lamentation against war, violence and authoritarianism.

Naqvi is a noted expert of Dastangoi, Urdu oral storytelling art form and is known for re-contextualising Soz Khwani for audiences outside its strictly religious setting.

The audience was enthralled by the incredible performance by Naqvi. He sang songs that told stories of grief and sorrow, which results from battle, violent incidents as well as totalitarianism. The songs gave a strong message against these aspects in society. Naqvi has made a name for himself by presenting his art form in front of audiences at intimate venues like the National School of Drama, Kiran Nadar Museum, Jawaharlal Nehru University’s Arts and Aesthetics Department to name a few.

 Mitul Dikshit, Chairman, Adab Foundation and a noted educationist said, “Such events intend to bring writers, poets, artistes and thespians together on a platform to initiate meaningful exchange of ideas. Through such events we are able to promote Indian art and culture among even younger audiences, who then will be in a position to appreciate rich traditions like Soz Khwani."   

"I would like to thank Adab Foundation for giving me an opportunity to perform in Chandigarh, which presented a very responsive audience. This way we are able to celebrate art with some of the finest creative minds in different parts of the country. I am sure with such performances we will succeed in reaching out to audiences with a crucial message for the betterment of society," said Naqvi. —TNS

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