Naamkarann 28th September 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Avni warns Ragini as Neil makes Amol talk


Naamkarann starts with Avni (Aditi Rathore)  opening herself as she is sad and feels failed. Ali sneaks up from a ventilation and calls out to Avni. He tries to calm a sad Avni as he tells her that atleast Neil(Zain Imam) managed to reach there. Avni feels guilty to have caused Neil to get suspended.Neil meets Avni’s friends who are ready to risk their life for Avni. Also DD and some of the officers stand by Neil. Neil feels strengthened again and he decides to get Avni out anyhow. Avni looks through the ventilation to see Ragini talking to a male whom she calls her son. This person scares Juhi so much and tortures her. Ragini and her son go off for the pooja as even Avni is taken away as it is the pooja of married women. Neela tells Nanno about Amol and she refuses to believe. Neela sees Amol eavesdropping and tells Nanno that Neil has gone to meet Riya and get it out of her. Amol gets scared and calls Dayawanti who asks him to do anything to prevent Riya from revealing anything to Neil. Amol reaches Riya’s house and asks her where Neil is and what proof she has given Neil. Riya is confused and Neela walks up behind and slaps Amol.(Also Read: Avni to be sold while Neil gets suspended)

Amol warns her to not slap him again as Avni would end up paying for it. Neela picks up a stick and beats up Amol as Neil asks him to start talking or he would hit him too. Amol then tells them a way of entering Rangamahal in secret. Avni stands for the pooja as Ragini dances. Ragini applies the shagun ka sindoor on every suhangan but refuses to give it to Avni saying she will not be blessed like a married woman. Suddenly Ragini slips and falls as the shagun ka sindoor spills and Avni gets coloured from head to foot. Avni tells Ragini that God herself has blessed her when she had started losing her faith in God. She says that she knows Neil will come for her and she trusts in her suhaag. Ragini asks her goons to get the girls dressed for the dnce and especially Avni. She says that Avni will be sold off and even if Neil arrives he would die seeing her getting sold.

Precap: Avni dances and Neil enters the rangmahal in the raavan.



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