Naamkarann 13th September 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Neil convinces Shweta to accept Avni and confesses that he is in love with her


Naamkarann  starts with Avni(Aditi Rathore) holding Juhi’s picture as she thinks how she would never remain in Neil’s(Zain Imam)  life if Juhi is alive as Neil is still so much in love with Juhi. Neil on the other hand calls his mother to Ali’s cafe and tells her that he loves Avni and wants to tell her so. He also adds that he does not want to choose between Avni and Shweta, he asks her to accept Avni for his sake. Shweta promises to make an effort for his sake. Avni meet DD who is somehow zeroing in on Dayawanti. Avni asks DD about Juhi’s death and DD is shocked and gets all worked up. Avni calms him and he relates to her about how Juhi died infront of his eyes as she was hit by a car. DD says he used to be a drug addict so he does not remember much of the day. Avni then decides to take DD into confidence and shows him Juhi’s picture and tells him that Juhi and Meher are the same and she needs to know about it.(Also Read: Avni finds out Juhi and Meher are the same person, Neil decides to waste no time and propose Avni)

DD is skeptical as he points out that Juhi would have tried to reach out to Neil if she was in any kind of trouble. Avni tells him they have to be sure before they tell Neil as he has every right to know if Juhi is actually alive. Neil calls Avni as Shweta prepares for Juhi’s pind daan and says it is necessary so that Neil can start afresh. Avni messages Neil that she is at Ali’s cafe and Neil is shocked by her lie, Neil is now worried if she will get herself into some new trouble. Dayawanti talks to Ali who blames her to be a beast. Dayawanti says that she misguided Avni with Ali’s death so that she would be broken and come searching for him here. She says that then Avni would be trapped forever in this rangmahal. Ali is angry and Dayawanti calls Meher. She asks Meher to call Avni and calls her to the dargah. Avni and DD are travelling when she gets the call. Avni is surprised to talk to Meher and Meher tells her she has to inform her about Ali and asks her to meet her in the dargah.

Precap: Avni calls out to Juhi and Neil is shocked.

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