Marriage is a big responsibility: Ssharad


From Cinestar to Kasam Se, actor Ssharad Malhotraa has not only grown as an actor, but also as an individual. The actor talks about his life and things that matter to him the most. 

How has life changed from Cinestar to Kasam Se?

I would say that my signature has turned into an autograph during these years.

How would you describe yourself?

I am extremely moody, multi-layered and unpredictable. For me, work is worship. I am a little fickle minded and also very indecisive. I am very compassionate at the same time and have a lot of love for elderly people, and a lot of respect for women. 

Does failure bother you?

Yes, I am very scared when it comes to losing. Failure gives me jitters, it gives me nightmares. The word failure doesn’t exist in my dictionary. I purposely don’t want it. For me, it’s not about winning all the time, but it’s not about losing either.

How do you de-stress yourself? 

I like to watch movies; however, I have been keeping really busy these days. But whenever I want to disconnect from the world, I watch a film. 

Do you have a secret style mantra?

Well, I have to give the credit to my stylist because when it comes to fashion, I am majorly handicapped. I do not believe in fashion. For me, fashion is being comfortable. It can be a t-shirt, track pants and chappal; that is fashion for me. But now, obviously, I have been in the industry for almost 10 years and a lot of people keep telling me that I should be fashion conscious. So, I think I would like to thank my stylist for this. 

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

In next 10 years, I will hopefully be acting and working with Shah Rukh Khan. I would like to go behind the camera as well. I am a big foodie and want to open my own restaurant.

What does love mean to you?

Love for me is life, if love is there, you become a happier person. I think love makes you a sweet person. 

What is your idea of romance?

My idea of romance is to go for a long drive, listen to some good music or probably a dinner date. 

You are the most eligible bachelor of TV industry. When do we see you settling down? 

I want to see myself settling down but I don’t know when that is going to happen. The word marriage gives me jitters. I am not commitment phobic but marriage is a big responsibility. I am currently dating Pooja Bisht and we both are trying to understand each other more. 

Share an interesting fan experience.

My watchman gave me a package which had a towel in it and it had ‘I love you Ssharad’ written on it with blood. This was scary and flattering as well.

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