Jastrzembski, Majetschak…name-dropping wouldn’t be easy this FIFA U-17 World Cup


Written by Shivani Naik
Published:September 30, 2017 2:13 am

This U-17 World Cup will have players with some roll grand-sounding names. (Source: File)

Mateu Jaume
SPAIN Jersey No 2
(ma-toh au-may)
Not the tallest of defenders at 171 cm, Jaume comes from the Barcelona stable. Scored eventual champions Spain’s first equaliser against England in the European Championships final, the defender has been snapped up by Bayern Munich for 3 million Euros.

Ninthoinganba Meetei
INDIA – Jersey no 7.
The versatile midfielder from Imphal was once a student of Taekwondo, before shifting focus to football and joining the AIFF Academy.

Alan Kerouedan
FRANCE – jersey no 12
(Ka – rou – e – daan)
One of the three players from top division French club Stade Rennais, the striker has been a part of the France U-17 team since September last year.

Maxence Caqueret
FRANCE – jersey no 10
(Ka – kwe – re)
A product of French giants Olympique Lyon, the France captain is known both for his leadership skills and his ability to boss the midfield.

Dennis Jastrzembski
GERMANY – jersey no 13
(Yaas – Trembz – ski)
This Hertha Berlin product has been handed Germany’s famed number 13 jersey, and the forward will be expected to live up to the reputation.

Eric Majetschak
GERMANY – jersy no 8
(Ma – jet – ch – ak)
This ‘wunderkind’ from RB Leipzig’s academy is touted to be the next Toni Kroos, and he played a key role in Germany reaching the semi-final of the European Championships.

Timothy Weah
USA – jersy no 10
(Tim – thee Wee – ah)
The son of the only World Player of the Year from Africa, Geroge Weah, plays for his adoptive country rather than Liberia, but trains with PSG youth team.
Timothy Eyoma
ENGLAND Jersey No 2.
(Tim – thee Ee – yoo – ma)
England’s full-back, known as TJ, is Nigerian and plays with Hotspurs.

Guillermo Tegue
COLOMBIA Jersey No 3
(Gee – yer – mo Tey – gee)
Hailing from CD Estudiantes FC, the 6’1” strapping defender will be the big wall up against India’s forwards.

Daniel Chacon
Costa Rica Jersey No 21
(Da – nee – yel Cha – cone)
Like the Latino novelist and radio host. One of the youngest midfielders from Cartagines, at the tournament. He’s probably Dani (da-ni) to his pals.

Deivoon Magana
Mexico Jersey No 18)
(Dei – voon Maga – nya)
Midfielder with Chivas Guadalajara (MEX), though those expected to get onto the scoresheets are Alexis Gutierrez (ale-xis guthi-yerr-ez), Cesar Huerta (say-saar werta) and Luis Olivas (Loo-ees O-livas)
Gustavo Vallecillo
HONDURAS Jersey No 13
(Gus – ta – voh Va – ye – see – yo)
This one’s our favourite, with all the Ls silent. The boy plays in the midfield at Cardva.

Recep Gul
TURKEY Jersey No 11
(Ray- ggep Gyul)
The left-footed right-wing striker is from Istanbul and turns out for Galatasaray SK II colts. The enticing ‘c’ is a sound of gg like in Reggie.

Yuki Kobayashi
JAPAN Jersey No 3
(Yu – ki Ko – baa – ya – shi)
The tallest Japanese stands out as defender, though the allure of the name is in the iconic movie The Usual Suspects, that name tied in with the mythical Keyser Soze. This talented youngster plays for Vissel Kobe.

Diego Huesca
PARAGUAY Jersey No 1
(Dee – a – go Weska)
Go for the ‘Huesca’ with a W — said with an O-shaped mouth. Upwards of 6 feet, the goalkeeper starts regularly for Valencia.

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