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Ek baar jo maine commitment kar di…

Dear Shirish,

My first relationship with a guy went on for seven years. After which, when I raised the topic of marriage, he said he was not ready for commitment, and broke up with me. Then I was in a relationship with another guy for three years. Again, when I raised the topic of marriage, he also turned out to be afraid of commitment and broke up with me. I have already wasted 10 years of my life in these two relationships. I am now 30 years old, and no longer have the time or the patience for trial and error. Do you have any foolproof method of finding a guy who is not afraid of commitment?


Dear Ayesha,

If you want a guy who’s not afraid of commitment, look for someone who’s covered in tattoos.

Thumb Rule of Fitness

Dear Shirish,

My thumbs are suddenly looking very thin. Earlier, they were distinctly fatter than the other fingers. But now, they are almost the same size as the other fingers. Aren’t thumbs always supposed to be fatter than the other fingers? Is something wrong with me? Should I worry? Or it is happening with everyone else too? Is it because of evolution or global warming?


Dear Prashant,

No, it’s not because of evolution or global warming; it’s because of mobile phones. And don’t worry; it’s happening with everyone. Earlier, our thumbs didn’t have to do anything and became fat. But now, they are getting good exercise with the usage of mobile phones, and hence becoming fitter.

Hate going to school?

Dear Shirish,

I hate going to school. I always look forward to holidays. My parents are disappointed with me because of it. What should I do?

—Cool Kid

Dear Cool Kid,

Fall in love with someone at school. You will then hate holidays, and will always look forward to going to school.

Weight Loss Tip

Dear Shirish,

I’m not rich. But I want to lose weight. Which gym should I join?

—Middle Class

Dear Middle Class,

Join the most expensive gym. Then you won’t have money for food, and will lose weight.

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